Strategy, framing & guidance in selecting solutions

Development & integration

User experience & design

Operational management & evolutionary maintenance


Discover our expertise in marketplace design. With a dedicated and experienced team, we bring your project to life. From defining requirements to creating mock-ups, we focus on the user experience to guarantee your platform's efficiency and appeal. At Cocolabs, we guide you through your project with sound advice and an agile methodology.Chez Cocolabs, nous vous guidons avec des conseils avisés et une méthodologie agile, pour mener à bien votre projet.

A team dedicated to your project

During the design phase, you benefit from the advice of an expert, dedicated team.

  • a project manager
  • a project director
  • a UX/UI designer
  • a solution architect


As the composition of the team is tailored to your needs, it may vary from one project to another.

L'équipe Cocolabs conçoit votre marketplace

When launching a marketplace, the design phase is crucial. UX/UI design, quality control and presentation of deliverables all require careful attention. At Cocolabs, the design of your platform is conceived in co-construction between the project manager and a UX/UI designer.

To this end, a program of thematic workshops is set up. 

So you can count on the experience of an expert team to challenge and respond to your needs.


Three major deliverables are produced at the end of the design phase: 


and screens of your future platform

Product backlog

which lists the essential prioritized requirements to be met

Product roadmap

which defines the initial order of implementation to be followed between the identified requirements

UX/UI design

Working on the user path, graphic identity, creating mock-ups of your future platform… UX/UI support is a major challenge in the design phase. It will define your platform’s identity, its attractiveness in the eyes of future suppliers and users, and its efficiency. 


Far from confining ourselves to the role of executor, Cocolabs challenges your project by drawing on the unique expertise we’ve acquired over the years. We inform you about good and bad practices, and challenge you on functionalities, workflows and processes. All this, with support for prioritization using agile methodology. Quality control is permanent, and is based on a testing strategy worked out with the customer.

Cocolabs conçoit votre marketplace