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Development & integration

User experience & design

Operational management & evolutionary maintenance


Just as decisive, the creation of a marketplace is the subject of careful work by the Cocolabs teams. Whether it's a development from scratch or the customization of an editor's solution, you benefit from tailor-made support. Developed using agile methodology, your platform benefits from a high degree of flexibility in exchanges to meet your needs as closely as possible. And, because every project is different, Cocolabs adapts its organization to your challenges.

Our methodology

At Cocolabs, we use an agile methodology to bring greater flexibility to the development of your digital platform. That said, should you wish to proceed otherwise, Cocolabs adapts its work organization to your guidelines, whether in terms of scheduling constraints, your context or the teams involved.


Agile methodology is based on a system of sprints. Development takes place according to a schedule of sprints drawn up with you. Each sprint is followed by a sprint review, which enables planned developments to be adjusted. Once access to the shared environment has been granted, this choice of project device allows you to carry out your tests in real time, enabling the experts to take your feedback into account as early as the next sprint.

Our dedicated team

As in the design phase, you have a team of experts at your disposal. While this may vary according to the requirements of the project, as a general rule it is made up of the following:

a project manager
a project director
a UX/UI designer
a solution architect

The development

Cocolabs guides you in your choice of marketplace construction. Development can be carried out :



customization on the basis of an editor's solution (back office, middle office, front office)


From scratch

custom development "from scratch", of which you are 100% owner

Whichever development method you choose, Cocolabs ensures integration with your ecosystem and that of your partners: via API (an integration method), flat file or other means.

Depending on your target, platforms can be responsive (desktop-first or mobile-first) or linked to a progressive web app for tablet and mobile use.

Whatever the scenario chosen for the development of your online platform, quality control is applied through a testing strategy.

Production launch

Once development is complete, your dedicated team gets down to preparing for production, i.e. the technical launch of your platform. Preparing to go live involves issues of environment, hosting, IT architecture, dev ops, as well as the domain name. The criticality of this phase is high: these are the last moments before your platform opens to your customers and partners.


Another point to anticipate before going live: communication issues. Our experts will support you in your plan for both suppliers and customers, drawing on the expertise of our specialist partners where necessary.