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Products Marketplace: maximize your online sales with Cocolabs!

Discover how Cocolabs can help you create an efficient and effective online sales platform to market your products.

What is a products marketplace?

A product marketplace is more than just an online platform: it’s a dynamic space where sellers can present their products to a wide audience of potential buyers. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, customers can explore a wide range of items on a single platform.

The rise of products marketplaces

The meteoric rise of marketplaces of products, which began several years ago, bears witness to the massive transition to online commerce that has taken place in recent years. This rise is largely driven by the changing expectations of consumers, who now prefer the convenience and diversity offered by these platforms. Marketplaces give them access to a wide selection of products, from everyday necessities to specialized items, all in one place and available at any time, day or night. This trend is in line with changing consumer habits, marked by a significant shift towards digital technology, which meets the expectations of consumers looking for simple, efficient solutions for their online purchases. Marketplaces of products respond perfectly to this growing demand for digital solutions, contributing to their meteoric rise in the online retail market.

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Why create a products marketplace?

There are several advantages to creating a marketplace for products:


Opportunity to broaden your customer base and increase sales.


Opportunity to diversify and offer a variety of products.


Access to a large audience of online consumers.


Simplified purchasing processes for a seamless user experience.


Increased market visibility and product exposure.


Increase customer loyalty through diversified offers and a personalized shopping experience.


Reduced costs associated with the creation of a traditional e-commerce platform.

What types of products marketplaces are there?


Product marketplaces cover a wide range of products, from generalist platforms to specialized ones:

Build your product marketplace with Cocolabs

At Cocolabs, we put our expertise and experience to work to develop your products marketplace. Contact us today to start your digital revolution!

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Our references for products platforms

Our team has put its know-how of marketplaces and online product sales to work for customers such as Groupe Logis Hôtels.

Discover the B2C marketplace model

Whether you’re selling convenience goods, specialty items, personal services or second-hand goods, we offer you tailor-made solutions to meet your digitalization needs.