Strategy, framing & guidance in selecting solutions

Development & integration

User experience & design

Operational management & evolutionary maintenance

Operation and maintenance

Whether you're looking for technical or strategic assistance, Cocolabs is there to support you over the long term. Because a platform project doesn't end with its launch, Cocolabs stays by your side. This includes hosting, functional support and strategic guidance. Depending on your needs, Cocolabs mobilizes the appropriate resources and does everything in its power to ensure the success of your marketplace.

Technical maintenance


Cocolabs adapts to your business context. If you want Cocolabs to spontaneously take charge of the end-to-end support, hosting can be managed internally or via a third party. 

With Cocolabs, your marketplace will be hosted on AWS. However, you can also choose to work with other hosting providers such as OVH or Microsoft Azure. Please note that the size of the hosting architecture is scaled by our team according to your needs.

Operations and outsourcing

To ensure technical support for your platform, Cocolabs offers you its “Operation and outsourcing” package. This includes :  

  • monitoring of your environment(s): this involves setting up monitoring tools to enable us to identify all types of incident, so as to alert you and/or trigger corrective action.
  • A corrective action package for server incidents: all server incidents are handled by Cocolabs, with a commitment to reactivity and resolution timescale(s).
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Operation support

Operational support is essential to the continued success of your marketplace. Find out how we support you in getting started, managing and evolving your platform.


Start-up and operational management

We support you in getting to grips with your markeptlace as an operator, so that you can be fully autonomous in managing your marketplace. To this end, we provide you with training manuals dedicated to your platform and its specific features, as well as in-person and remote training sessions at your convenience. When you call on Cocolabs for support, we can also create documentation to facilitate the onboarding of your platform's users. You'll benefit from a customized solution tailored to your needs.


Third-party application maintenance (TMA)

We can provide you the option of third-party application maintenance (TMA). This enables us to implement all the changes you require in an agile way, whether they result from user feedback, competitive intelligence or an evolution in your product vision.

Supporting the platform's success

Because technology alone cannot guarantee the success of a project, you may need strategic support. Here, you can call on Cocolabs and its network of partners.


On the one hand, Cocolabs can advise you on the platform’s development strategy, as well as on the sourcing and onboarding of service providers and vendors. 

It will also be able to assist you with the operation of your marketplace as such. This includes:

  • user support
  • moderation and dispute management
  • updating marketplace content and information

To go further, you can count on Cocolabs to redirect you to the most appropriate service providers. You can also count on our network of partners to provide you with their complementary business services for : 

  • SEO/SEA support
  • digital strategy and marketing consulting
  • catalog cleansing support
  • supplier recruitment
  • legal advice
  • etc.
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