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Marketplace C2C: Facilitate exchanges between private individuals

Find out how Cocolabs can help you create a dynamic and secure platform to facilitate direct exchanges between private individuals.

What is a C2C marketplace?

A C2C (“consumer to consumer”) marketplace is an online platform that facilitates exchanges between private individuals, enabling them to sell, buy or exchange goods or services directly with each other. The platform offers a secure space where users can post ads, get in touch with other users and conclude transactions in complete confidence.

The rise of C2C marketplaces

The rise of C2C marketplaces is fueled by the growing importance of the sharing economy and transactions between individuals. Consumers are increasingly looking to buy products or access services directly from other individuals, which has led to the growing popularity of C2C platforms. These marketplaces offer a convenient and cost-effective way to buy, sell or exchange a variety of goods and services, contributing to the emergence of a thriving collaborative economy.

Marketplace C2C

What are the advantages of C2C marketplaces?

The benefits of C2C marketplaces include:

Access to a wide range of products and services offered by private individuals.

Simplified transactions thanks to secure messaging and payment functionalities.

Creation of a community of committed users favoring exchange and trust.

Find unique items, sometimes at bargain prices, thanks to the diversity of sellers.

Why create a C2C marketplace?

Creating a C2C marketplace offers several strategic advantages:

  • Rapid expansion: Create a popular online platform quickly by capitalizing on users’ offers.
  • Profitability: Commissions on transactions help to make the platform profitable.
  • Diversification: Allows you to expand your range of products and services without having to own or produce them.
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What types of C2C platforms are there?

C2C marketplaces can take many different forms, depending on the types of goods or services exchanged between individuals. Here are a few examples of common C2C platforms:


Used goods marketplaces

These platforms enable users to sell second-hand items, such as clothing, furniture, electronics, etc.


Private rental platforms

On these platforms, users can rent goods to other private individuals, such as homes, cars, sports equipment, etc.


Services between private individuals

These platforms bring together private individuals to offer services such as DIY, gardening, coaching, etc.


Goods exchange platforms

On these platforms, users can exchange goods with each other, without any monetary transaction.


Skill-sharing platforms

These platforms enable users to share their skills or knowledge with other individuals.

Each type of C2C platform responds to specific user needs, and offers a unique experience in personal exchanges.

Build your C2C marketplace with Cocolabs

Cocolabs puts its expertise in marketplaces development at your disposal to help you create a C2C platform tailored to your needs. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from design to operational management of your platform, providing you with robust, secure solutions.

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