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As the leading digital agency in the digitalization of services based on the marketplace model, Cocolabs has helped numerous companies, including Banque des Territoires, Thales, Suez and Intersport, to deploy their platforms. Find out how Cocolabs can help you become a major player in the platform economy by launching your own services marketplace.

"The sale of services increased by 20% in 2023."

What is a services marketplace?

A service marketplace is an online platform that connects service providers with customers looking for specific solutions. It provides a centralized space for users to offer, search and book a variety of services, such as courses, professional consultations, coaching and much more.

The rise of services marketplaces

A few decades ago, the emergence of the Internet revolutionized the way we think about commerce. Today, it is the digitalization of the sale of services that embodies the new e-commerce revolution, and represents the main growth lever available to companies. While the lack of technology and experts in this field has long been a problem, this is no longer the case.

Consumer demand for online services is growing all the time. Visible in the e-commerce figures, it is now the sale of services that is driving the growth of online commerce.

Maketplace de services

Why create a services marketplace?

Access to a wide range of services offered by different providers, simplified search and booking processes, time and efficiency savings thanks to centralized search and easy comparison, the ability to find services tailored to specific and varied needs, flexibility in the choice of providers and payment methods… these are just some of the advantages of digitizing a catalog of services, federating an online network, or revolutionizing e-procurement based on the marketplace model.

This approach meets a variety of challenges and offers a number of advantages, including :


Expand your service offering and increase your market visibility.


Generate additional revenue through commissions on transactions.


Connect your network of members, franchisees or audience customers, and create a dynamic community of service providers and loyal customers.


Innovation in the service sector by offering innovative and practical digital solutions.

What are the types of service platforms?

Service marketplaces can take many different forms, depending on market needs and specificities. The most common types of service platform include :

Build your services marketplace with Cocolabs

Convinced that the marketplace model meets the challenges posed by the growing popularity of digital transformation in the sale of services, our experts can help you deploy the platform that will revolutionize your industry.

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Our services platforms references

Our customer references for the creation and deployment of service platforms include renowned companies such as Banque des Territoires, Suez, Intersport, Tide and 52 Entertainment. Find out how we’ve helped these companies develop their business through innovative service marketplaces.

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