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Matchmaking platforms: the art of connecting

Explore the potential of connection platforms with Cocolabs. Whether you're a business looking to expand your network of customers, or an entrepreneur looking to create a dynamic community around your products or services, we'll guide you through the design and deployment of your matchmaking platform.

What is a matchmaking platform?

A matchmaking platform is an online space that facilitates interactions between different players, whether companies and customers, professionals and individuals, or even peers. It provides a centralized means of connecting stakeholders and facilitating business exchanges, collaborations and social interactions.

The rise of matchmaking platforms

The emergence of matchmaking platforms symbolizes the very essence of the collaborative economy. Pioneers such as Uber and Airbnb paved the way, highlighting the importance of connecting individuals to facilitate transactions. This practice is now booming, with increasing demand for connectivity and online interaction. The advent of e-commerce, social networking and advanced communication technologies has amplified this phenomenon, offering businesses and individuals alike an efficient way to find partners, explore new opportunities and expand their network.

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Why create a matchmaking platform?

Matchmaking platforms play an essential role in the growth of business activities, promoting greater connectivity and fluidity in interactions. Thanks to a user-friendly, intuitive interface, they also simplify access to collaboration, partnership and business opportunities, contributing to the creation of value for all participants.

Creating your own networking platform will enable you to :


Expand your network by connecting your company to new customers, partners or suppliers.


Expand your business by creating new growth opportunities and facilitating commercial interactions.


Enhance the customer experience by offering a personalized interface that responds effectively to their needs.

What types of matchmaking platforms are there?

Matchmaking platforms can take different forms depending on the specific needs of users, including :

Build your matchmaking platform with Cocolabs

At Cocolabs, we apply our expertise and experience in marketplaces development to the creation of your matchmaking platform. Thanks to our personalized approach and our range of partner technologies, we can help you design and deploy a platform that meets your specific needs and enables you to make the most of your network.

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Our matchmaking platforms references

We’ve worked with a wide range of companies to create innovative, high-performance matchmaking platforms. Our customer references include companies from a wide range of sectors, such as Intersport, Suez and Tide. All have benefited from our expertise in developing matchmaking platforms.

Discover the services marketplace model

Whether you’re looking to digitize a catalog of services, federate an online network or revolutionize your e-procurement, choosing to digitize your services using the marketplace model can help you meet a variety of challenges. Like Suez, Siemens Energy and the City of Paris, put your trust in the markeptlaces expert and become a major player in the platform economy by launching your own services marketplace.

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