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Cocolabs offers a unique expertise in the creation and deployment of different types of platforms. Our technological versatility, which stems from our ability to master different marketplaces technologies, enables us to address all your marketplace needs. So, whether you’re planning to launch a B2B, B2C, C2C, service or product marketplace, we can guide you every step of the way. With our personalized approach, technical expertise and commitment to delivering innovative solutions, we can help you realize your vision and complete your digital transformation. Discover the different types of marketplaces and platforms developed by our team.

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Cocolabs develops the right platform for your needs

Services Marketplace
Products Marketplace
B2B Marketplace
B2C Marketplace
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Matchmaking Platform
Cocolabs - Tony et Sûrya

Services Marketplace

Cocolabs is the most experienced integrator of Scnd technology, the benchmark solution for selling services online. Whether it’s geolocation, availability management or appointment scheduling… our team has acquired solid experience in service marketplaces through the projects we’ve developed. From design to implementation, we support you every step of the way to ensure the success of your platform.

Products Marketplace

Like the sale of services, the sale of products has its own specificities. Our team is well aware of them, and will support you in the creation of your online platform. From taking your challenges into account to building the shopping experience on your product marketplace, you can count on our expert advice to breathe new life into your offering.

Cocolabs - Gérald

B2B Marketplace

Online marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular for B2B purchasing. Cocolabs can help you seize this growth opportunity by developing a platform that facilitates business-to-business transactions. From catalog management to order validation processes, we provide you with a complete solution to meet the specific needs of B2B commerce.

B2C Marketplace

Cocolabs takes care of creating your B2C marketplace. Our experienced team will advise and assist you in both the design and realization of your platform, with an emphasis on user experience and quality deliverables. With our agile methodology and ability to adapt to your challenges, your B2C marketplace benefits from a personalized approach.

Cocolabs - Alexis et Tony

C2C Marketplace

Create a secure and reliable C2C marketplace with Cocolabs. From user profile management to messaging functionalities, our expertise in connecting individuals enables us to offer you a solution tailored to the needs of individuals wishing to buy and sell products or services between themselves.

Matchmaking Platform

Connecting people is at the heart of the marketplace model, and at the heart of Cocolabs’ expertise. Whether you’re looking to connect B2B professionals, B2C buyers and sellers, or C2C individuals, we’ve got the right solution for you, and we’ll share our extensive experience with you.

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