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Each project is tailored to the specific needs of the client. And, to provide you with top-quality support, the team draws on its unique expertise in the marketplace to advise you at every stage of your project. You'll be supported from A to Z, and benefit from years of experience gained from launching over 150 platforms.

Cocolabs consulting covers :

Experience feedback
Technological choices
Strategic support

Experience feedback

Our contribution to the launch of over 150 online platforms has given us experience as solid as it is unique.

Today, Cocolabs is the leading marketplace digital agency. And it’s this extensive feedback from our projects that our team uses to challenge your project and give it every chance of success.
Our consultancy services are available at every stage of your project, from scoping to design, implementation and long-term support. We can help you complete your specifications, or advise you on the direction your platform should take in the future.

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Technological choices

Whether it’s a question of the solution that will form the backbone of your platform, or the payment concepts to be integrated, the creation of a marketplace is inextricably linked to the technologies used to build it. The wrong choice can jeopardize the success of your project, and Cocolabs is committed to guiding you towards the solutions best suited to your context and objectives.


The marketplace solution provider

As the cornerstone of your marketplace creation, the choice of your marketplace engine is crucial, and differs from project to project. It must both meet your current needs and context, and be sufficiently robust and scalable to adapt to your future challenges (new types of products or services, new functionalities, volume, peak loads, etc.).

We distinguish between technologies dedicated to the sale of products and those dedicated to the sale of services, which do not integrate the same functionalities. Some technologies are better suited to B2B issues and needs, while others are more suited to B2C or second-hand requirements, for example. That's why Cocolabs relies on a range of partner marketplaces.

What's more, if no single technology meets your needs, the Cocolabs team can build your platform from scratch.



Because payment issues are strategic for any marketplace, the choice of solution is crucial and needs to be carefully considered. Based on key criteria, Cocolabs will direct you to the right Payment Service Provider (PSP).

To do this, we take into account your business model (subscription system, commission...), as well as your requirements in terms of payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, direct debit, Paypal...) and the location of your target buyers and sellers (international coverage or not...).


Third-party tools

Our experts can also advise you on the most reliable additional tools suited to your context. We have in-depth knowledge of the marketplace ecosystem and the tools we integrate. From the support tool to the community space, from tracking to CRM, from blogging to cookie management, we can guide you. In addition to our expertise, we'll guide you towards the right partners, so that no aspect of your needs is overlooked.

What's more, if you're planning to take back control in-house in the long term, we can support you too, notably by adapting the technology so that it fits in with your ecosystem.


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Strategic support

As the success of a marketplace depends not only on its technological choices, we can also put you in touch with our partners who can help you with the business issues surrounding the platform. Whether it’s market research or competitive analysis with a consulting firm, legal support with a law firm, or a marketing agency to take charge of tracking and referencing your site, Cocolabs opens up its network of partners to help you make your project a success.

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