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BidBrella, the energy marketplace

Siemens Energy specializes in the manufacture of power plants, and is a world leader in energy technologies.
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The platform’s challenges

The idea for BidBrella arose from Siemens Energy customers’ difficulties in finding service providers able to meet their needs. For the benefit of its customers, the company decided to launch a platform enabling them to contact selected service providers.

In this way, the brand contributes to the maintenance of power plants, since it enables those involved to find relevant engineering services. The platform facilitates the exchange and sharing of information and transactions in a simple, cost-effective and transparent way.

To find a supplier, Siemens Energy customers can search according to various criteria. Location, type of service offered and customer ratings are all ways of narrowing down the choice. They can interact with network providers, obtain information and submit proposals.

As the platform is based on a system of invitations to tender, suppliers can respond to them. They too can search for tenders that meet their criteria, and then follow the progress of the transaction as soon as the offer has been submitted.

For example, the manager of a power plant can post a call for tenders before contacting the service providers responding to it. He can then question them on their ability to take on the mission of mixing and matching.

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Bidbrella siemens energy use case how it works

Cocolabs’ anwer

BidBrella is a tendering platform that connects players in the energy industry.



Because the platform concerns the Siemens Energy network, its security must be guaranteed. Every time an account is created, a profile check is carried out.



The matchmaking platform provides access to the energy giant's vast international network, on both the customer and supplier sides.


Quality of selection

BidBrella's design is particularly effective in filtering searches, enabling a genuine selection to be made for each and every tender and proposal.


RFI (Request For Information)
RFP (Request For Proposal)
User navigation and supplier register
Secure and sensitive data management tool
Smart matching algorithm
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