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ReflexQVT: the network platform dedicated to the well-being within the company

B2B marketplace

The challenge

Promoting initiatives improving life quality at work in France.


The platform

A platform which brings together certified consultants and companies and promotes tools to improve well-being within one’s company.

ReflexQVT is part of the Anact-Aract network, supported by the Ministry of Labour and launched as part of the “Plan Santé au travail 3” contributing to the diffusion of life quality at work initiatives and to the development of a consulting offer on these subjects.

ReflexQVT is intended for executives, human resources managers, prevention players in private and public organizations who wish to be supported in implementing a quality of life approach at work by involving staff representatives and employees.


Certified consultants on the platform.

Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour supports ReflexQVT platform.


This platform is part of the Anact-Aract network.




A toolbox for businesses.

Search engine

A search engine optimized to match companies and QVT consultants.


Logo library for companies.

Search by region

The search for a consultant can be done by region.


Complete user information using an API (SIRET, ..).

Search by sector

To find a consultant who knows the issues in the sector.


KYB verification process.

Dashboard opérateur

Une page dédiée à l'administrateur pour gérer la plateforme.

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