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ItaliaOnline: digitalization of a service directory

Marketplace B2C

The challenge

Home service providers lack visibility and are behind in their digitalization.

Cocolabs supported the first Italian digital company in the digitalization of a directory of 80,000 service providers.

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The solution

Italia Online wants to offer home service providers a new and credible way of doing business. The first step in launching a platform is design. For UX, this consists of a face of User Research, analysis and ideation.

In this stage, our expert accompanied Italia Online to establish the wireframes of the platform. This phase allows us to have an idea of the future marketplace and the experience that users will have on it.

Boost the visibility of the 80,000 sellers in the network by allowing them to offer their services on a marketplace dedicated to home services.



A powerful search algorithm that takes into account a dozen of criteria.


The platform complies with the latest RGPD standards.


The marketplace is SEO optimized.

Rich listings

Rich provider listings.

A complex decision tree

A decision tree to match in a relevant way offerer and applicant.


Connexion with SSO.


The process of verifying the identity of a merchant.


The service provider can choose to display their geolocation precisely

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They trust us

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