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SPEX, Intersport Germany's services marketplace

Intersport is a world leader in the sale and distribution of sporting goods. Cocolabs created Intersport Germany's marketplace, SPEX.
Services marketplace
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The platform’s challenges

Intersport Germany wanted to move away from a purely product retail framework, in order to intervene in the entire sports experience of the company’s customers. The SPEX platform offers a coaching service in addition to product sales. In this way, the brand supports its customers in the correct use of its products, while enabling them to learn and develop their sporting practice with coaches.


For Intersport Germany, SPEX means :

– create another point of contact with its community

– diversify while remaining innovative through the sale of services

– link the sale of products to that of services, with a view to cross-selling

– generate new revenues

From a video yoga class to a horseback ride in the forest or a water-skiing session, users of the platform have access to a catalog of sporting experiences offered by registered coaches. They can book and pay for their course online, which they can take either in person or by video, depending on their wishes and the formula offered.

Depending on geographical and time constraints, it’s easy for users to find the right course to suit their needs.


To achieve this, the service marketplace integrates the following formula:

– Offer digital experiences that break down the barriers of the real world

– Take courses face-to-face or via videoconferencing

– Find activities in a specific area and at a specific i

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Cocolabs’ guidance

SPEX is a marketplace that connects individuals with coaches offering sports experiences.

Customer benefits:

Sales benefits :



Booking online services is at the heart of the platform experience.


Ad geolocation allows users to find sports activities where they want them.


The platform includes a personalized invoicing system, as well as a VAT module for companies wishing to offer their employees a sporting break.


The platform integrates various innovative payment methods to facilitate transactions.

Marketplace services

Discover its technical features

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO allows Intersport customers to navigate directly on the marketplace without having to register.

Guest profile

Since creating an account can be a disincentive to purchase, booking as a guest is also permitted.

Cancellation policy

For an optimal booking experience, SPEX adopts a flexible cancellation policy.

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