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Octopia is a subsidiary of an e-commerce giant and a key player in the field of product marketplaces. The company develops SaaS solutions designed to support various marketplaces and platforms.
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Who is Octopia ?

A subsidiary of Cdiscount, the French e-commerce leader, Octopia is a major player in the field of product marketplaces. For over 11 years, Octopia has been developing SaaS solutions designed to ensure the success of online businesses. Thanks to its robust technical foundation, its proven expertise as a marketplace operator, its vast ecosystem of qualified sellers and its turnkey fulfillment solution, Octopia offers a complete solution for the creation and management of product marketplaces.

Why choose Octopia ?

Representing the future of e-commerce, marketplaces offer both new opportunities and unique challenges. As a subsidiary of Cdiscount, Octopia has unrivalled experience in this field. Octopia is committed to supporting you at every stage of your marketplace project, whether to strengthen your seller base, launch your marketplace or optimize your logistics. With in-depth expertise in all aspects of the marketplace ecosystem, Octopia is committed to ensuring the success of your online business.

What can you do with Octopia?


Launch your product marketplace

Create and develop your product marketplace with Octopia's technology.


Recruit sellers

Enrich your product catalog with a network of 15,000 sellers.


Optimize your logistics

Improve your delivery experience, from inventory management to order dispatch.


Boost your sales with dropshipping

Access a catalog of over 20,000 brand-name products without worrying about logistics.


Simplify your management

Simplify your marketplace operations in terms of tax, currency and international expansion, thanks to our partners.

Why a Cocolabs x Octopia partnership?

Octopia is the benchmark solution for launching a product marketplace. By combining Cocolabs’ expertise in integrating marketplace solutions with Octopia’s advanced technology, customers benefit from a robust, flexible platform perfectly adapted to their specific needs. This strategic alliance makes it possible to fully exploit the potential of marketplaces to optimize revenues, enhance the user experience and strengthen e-retailers’ competitiveness in the marketplace.

Octopia's customer references

Octopia’s customers include a number of retail giants. Rakuten, CDiscount, CDON, Ramsay Santé, FYNDIQ, Bebeboutik, Europazon.