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Origami Marketplace

Origami Marketplace is a flexible, scalable French SaaS solution designed to launch B2C, B2B, C2C and even C2B2C platforms. As well as enabling the rapid launch of linear marketplaces, the editor also specializes in the creation of circular economy platforms for the online sale of second-hand products.
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Who is Origami Marketplace ?

Founded by a trio of passionate and visionary entrepreneurs – Julien Bruitte, Vincent Pichon and Alexandre Duquenoy – Origami Marketplace is the fruit of a friendship and a shared ambition. After launching their own e-commerce platform in 2021, they quickly identified a need to simplify and energize the creation and management of marketplaces. So they decided to put their expertise at the service of future marketplace operators by launching Origami Marketplace, a turnkey solution for launching marketplaces.


The leading solution for second-hand marketplaces

Origami Marketplace is an innovative, customizable SaaS solution designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s market. Beyond its ability to facilitate the rapid deployment of linear marketplaces, Origami Marketplace stands out for its specific expertise in the emerging field of the circular economy.

Origami Marketplace's key feature is that it enables all types of sellers (individuals, professionals, associations...) to sell to all types of consumers, making it possible to manage a wide range of use cases.

With Origami Marketplace, you can :

Why a Cocolabs x Origami Markeptlace partnership?

The partnership between Origami Marketplace and Cocolabs represents a natural but important synergy, bringing together two innovative market players. Origami Marketplace, with its solution SaaS polyvalente and adaptable, is the ideal choice for companies to launch and manage effectively marketplaces products. On the other hand, Cocolabs, a specialist in the integration of marketplace solutions, brings unique expertise in the development of tailor-made solutions for a variety of services. By combining our expertise, we can respond to all types of market needs in terms of platforms.

Data security and confidentiality

Data security and confidentiality are key concerns for the Lille-based publisher, both for their customers and for the marketplace’s end-users. Their team has implemented rigorous security measures, choosing to store data exclusively in France, on the infrastructures of French hosting providers. This decision not only guarantees compliance with the most stringent European data protection regulations, but also offers optimum security thanks to backup systems located in different data centers. These measures guarantee continuity of service and protection against data loss.

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Origami Marketplace client references

French Tennis Federation, French Football Federation, Green Musicians, Seecly, Orpi, Biked, Maif Social Club, PreppySport.


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