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Dedicated to the sale of online services, scnd is the technology that keeps you one step ahead. Robust, scalable and packed with features, it's the ideal solution for rapidly launching a high-performance services marketplace.

The leading technology for service marketplaces

scnd’s technology was born of the realization that, since the arrival of the Internet, product sales have been turned upside down, and now it’s the turn of services to revolutionize e-commerce.


Before the arrival of scnd, the solutions developed were adapted to the sale of products online, making them incompatible with the sale of online services. While the focus has long been on selling services with traditional e-commerce solutions, scnd has untangled the differences in user experience to offer a richly adapted solution.


Cocolabs, the expert integrator of scnd technology

Our privileged relationship with the scnd teams makes Cocolabs the most experienced integrator of this technology on the market. Together, we have worked on numerous customer projects, including Accor, Allianz Partners and Siemens Energy.

With the scnd solution

Quickly launch your services marketplace
Scale your business
Take advantage of the continuous evolution of technology

scnd, a feature-rich solution

scnd is an ultra-specialized technology for selling services online, making it the benchmark for launching your services marketplace. Its technological complexity covers a wide range of needs and can benefit companies of all sizes and in all sectors.


The scnd solution is equipped to manage both standard and complex services, offering integrated calendar functions (for service availability), geolocation and geofencing (for service localization) and supplier management (to identify available service providers).


Features dedicated to online service sales

Geolocation management

Geolocation, geofencing, obfuscation, intervention zone...

Availability management

Diary and availability management in real time, calendar synchronization, definition of opening and closing times...

Complex payments

Management of escrow accounts, pre-authorized payments, subscription payments...

Reservation methods

Services sold by the package, by the place, by the night, by quotation, by invitation to tender...


scnd includes KYB/KYC verification processes for your service providers

Time zone management

scnd can handle time zone differences and time changes


Verified reviews only, as left by previous consumers of the service

Yield Management

Offer dynamic pricing based on demand

Booking system

An optimized booking engine to boost conversion

Discover all the possibilities offered by the scnd solution.