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Spryker is a solution based on a composable architecture model that is revolutionizing e-commerce. With Spryker, you simplify operations, meet evolving customer demands and invest in revenue-generating digital transformation. Differentiate yourself from your competitors, and join other industry-leading companies who use Spryker to create, develop or transform their digital platforms.

"Spryker is one of five vendors recognized in both the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce and the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Marketplace Operation Applications."

150 +


15 billion euros and more

gross merchandise volume (GMV)

<3 months

average time to market

550 millions € +

highest SKUS

Who is Spryker ?

Spryker stands out as a pioneer of the composable commerce platform, suitable for companies adopting sophisticated business models to drive growth, encourage innovation and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Specifically designed to meet the needs of complex transactional businesses, Spryker’s headless, API-driven platform offers a cutting-edge approach, enabling maximum flexibility to rapidly adapt to market changes while accelerating return on investment as part of their digital transformation.


Founded in Berlin and New York, Spryker is one of the world’s leading providers of platforms for B2B and B2C enterprise marketplaces, as well as IoT and unified commerce. The company has already supported more than 150 companies worldwide, with customers including ALDI, Siemens, Toyota, Hilti and Ricoh.

The benefits of Spryker technology


Optimizing costs

Streamline systems and automate processes, reducing your operational costs with Spryker architecture and solutions.


Meet customer requirements

Increase your flexibility to meet the demands of an unpredictable market and changing customer expectations with our best-in-class composable platform.


Enable digital transformation

Reduce complexity, increase ROI and foster collaboration with Spryker's centralized platform, delivering significant value to your business.


Achieve business objectives

Solve key business challenges with Spryker's tools, resources and expert support as part of our Compound Value Services.

Why a Cocolabs x Spryker partnership?

Spryker is the leading technology in composable commerce, and has chosen Cocolabs, the leading marketplace integrator, to launch on the French market. Partnering with this forward-looking solution – which enables the best e-commerce components to be assembled and combined à la carte on a 100% customized platform that’s as reliable as it is scalable – was an obvious choice. We’re proud to integrate a solution like Spryker, which will enable us to develop your B2B platform

Technological principles

Modular architecture

Use only the functionality you need, integrate existing modules or replace them with your own, isolate changes.

Spryker middleware

A flexible ETL process for complex supply chains. With native connectors to ERP products, ERPs, WMS producers and more.

Spryker Composable FE

Own the experience. A unified user journey, so customers don't have to leave the IKEA experience. No multi-tabs.

PaaS flexibility

When OOTB functions aren't enough, you can use API extensions; when that's not enough, you can customize the business logic to IKEA's needs.

Spryker Cloud

The elastic system adapts to high customer traffic or data exchanges, while reducing consumption to remain ecological and sustainable. Reliability and SLA provided by Spryker.

Spryker GLUE API

Providing a stream of business data and an adapted API to enable personalization, AI/ML practice and a better understanding of the customer experience.

Spryker's client references

Spryker technology is used by over 150 companies worldwide, including ALDI, Toyota, Siemens Healthineers, Gartner, Schneider Electric, Ricoh, Hilti and Mercado Mayco.