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Mangopay offers a modular payment infrastructure designed specifically for online platforms and marketplaces. With its extensive experience, Mangopay has helped many well-known brands achieve success in the digital commerce sector.

Why choose Mangopay ?

Mangopay stands out for its ability to offer a secure and flexible online payment platform, perfectly adapted to the needs of platforms and marketplaces. Here are just a few reasons why Mangopay is the ideal choice for your business:


Transaction security

Mangopay guarantees the security of every transaction carried out on your platform, offering peace of mind to your users.


Ease of management

With Mangopay, managing user accounts, including refunds and transactions, becomes child's play. You can monitor and control all financial activities from a user-friendly interface.


Transparent fund distribution

Mangopay simplifies the distribution of funds between sellers, buyers and the platform itself, guaranteeing transparent management of financial flows.


Advanced customization

Mangopay offers advanced customization options, allowing you to tailor payment flows to your specific needs. This enables you to create a unique payment experience for your users.

By choosing Mangopay as the payment solution for your online platform or marketplace, you’re opting for reliability, security and flexibility. With Mangopay, you can develop your online business with confidence, while offering your users a smooth and secure payment experience.

Payment with Mangopay


Our payment SDK lets you quickly configure and optimize local payment experiences and apply payment best practices to increase conversions.

Wide range of payment methods

Our multiple payment methods enable you to cater to the local payment preferences of your target market, reducing churn.

Reliable payment processing

We ensure that transactions are processed smoothly, minimizing the risk of payment failure and guaranteeing a frictionless payment experience.

Advanced anti-fraud solution

Our fraud prevention solution analyzes user behavior, transaction history, device information and more, to proactively detect potential fraud.

Multiple currency support

We enable you to accept payments and pay in the currencies buyers and sellers need, removing barriers to cross-border transactions.

Security and compliance

Our robust security, encryption and authentication protocols provide a secure payment environment while enabling you to remain compliant with industry regulations.

Why a Cocolabs x Mangopay partnership?

The partnership between Cocolabs and Mangopay offers a perfect combination of expertise in the development of digital platforms and online payment solutions. Together, we are able to offer complete and integrated solutions, guaranteeing a fluid and secure user experience.

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Mangopay's client references

More than 2,500 companies worldwide rely on the payment service provider, including La Redoute, Leboncoin, Veepee, Total Energies, Malt, Vinted, Ticketmaster, Mercateo and Chrono24.

About Mangopay

Founded in 2013, Mangopay is a global leader in online payment solutions. With offices strategically located in Paris, Madrid, London, Milan and Dublin, Mangopay offers a modular payment infrastructure tailored to the needs of the world’s largest and most innovative platforms and marketplaces.